3 Exclusive Tips from a Divorce Lawyer

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3 Exclusive Tips from a Divorce Lawyer

  • By: Marketing Team
  • 2 September 2021

There’s no getting around the fact that divorce is a complicated and messy affair. Whether you and your spouse are ending your marriage on good terms or you suspect there will be challenges, it is always a good idea to consult with a professional, reputable local family law attorney to guide you through the legal procedures.

It is a misconception that divorce is confusing and difficult to navigate, even with legal counsel. Many of our clients are surprised and enlightened to learn that not only is amicable and drama-free divorce possible, we can actually equip them with the tools necessary to get through the situation as peaceably as possible. Here are some of the most common tips we offer our family law clients. We hope they help bring you some peace of mind, too.

There are plenty of prevailing myths and misconceptions that your legal team is happy to debunk to clarify some essential factors about the estate planning process.

1. Take financial responsibility.

One of the most obvious dilemmas that arises during divorce is the division of assets. Whether you and your spouse have ever done business together or not, now is the time to step up and learn how to cooperate like business partners. Treat the divorce proceedings like a transaction and try to limit emotion from the equation.

2. Act like adults.

If there are children involved, you will want to ensure the divorce is as low-pressure and stress-free for them as possible. While they will inevitably see their daily routine disrupted by the new division of parental roles (and two new homes to visit), they are more apt to settle into the new way of life when they don’t hear their parents badmouthing each other.

3. Get emotional support.

Divorce is a traumatic experience for most people. Don’t discount the emotional and psychological pressure it can place on you, your spouse, and your children. Seek help if you need it and learn how to manage your emotional reactivity, anger, and any potential bitterness.

Considering divorce? If you haven’t yet done so, now is the time to start preparing. It’s best to contact an attorney with a long-standing reputation in the community. The Striegle Law team has been serving Grand Rapids for many years and provides free consultations to all our family law clients. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!