Custody Battles and Back to School

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Custody Battles and Back to School

  • By: Marketing Team
  • 4 September 2020

The back-to-school season is notoriously stressful for parents under normal circumstances. The COVID-19 crisis adds a layer of complexity, leaving many uncertain whether it is safe to send the kids back to school, and school districts divided on how to approach these unprecedented times.

As it currently stands, there is no universal plan in place for the state of Michigan. Instead, Governor Gretchen Whitmer struck a bipartisan deal that enables districts to determine their own health and safety plans—in accordance with their local health departments.

Complications for Divorced Parents

It appears that lawmakers and health officials are doing the best they can to strategize, with many school districts willing to chance classroom learning until it becomes an issue, and then transition students to remote education.

Many parents are concerned about in-person instruction, and while homeschooling was once rare, recent studies show that a significant number of parents are seriously considering it as an option for their children.

Those who believe they will homeschool come the fall say that the risk of coronavirus infection, increased expenses related to preventative supplies, and concern for public safety and health as the reasons for their change of heart. Furthermore, many parents believe that the tech-savvy kids of today have been able to make the transition to remote learning with greater ease than their work-from-home parents.

Misaligned Spousal Values

For families who are on the same page about their child’s educational future, this crisis might not be a massive catastrophe. However, for divorced parents, the unique challenges presented in these very polarizing times are magnified even further, especially if one parent has very strong feelings regarding their child’s education one way or the other.

For instance, a child’s sole guardian who believes that COVID-19 is not a severe cause for concern may ultimately feel it is their right to send their child back to school.

The parent with only partial custody, on the other hand, who is very fearful of the coronavirus and adamantly opposed to in-person instruction, will likely feel as though their hands are tied. This is where a family law attorney can help you.

If you and your ex-spouse are embroiled in a battle over your child’s rights, you are not alone. If you feel your concerns are not being heard, contact a family law attorney. At The Law Office of Beth Striegle, we believe that every child in Grand Rapids deserves the best care, and we will work hard to fight for your family.