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Legal issues involving real estate can become complicated and very confusing. At the Law Office of Beth Striegle PLLC, we understand the importance of properly addressing the concerns of those facing a legal issue involving real estate. We have experience in handling and dealing with a number of real estate matters including:

  1. Property line disputes
  2. Zoning, planning and environmental issues
  3. Construction disputes

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If you are seeking to purchase or sell real estate, facing a landlord/tenant dispute, facing a construction issue, or are simply looking for an answer to your legal question, the Law Office of Beth Striegle PLLC, will provide you with individualized service. We understand that every situation is unique and will work hard to assist you in addressing your concerns.

The information contained on this site is not intended to provide legal advice but is for general informational purposes only. You should consult an attorney regarding your unique situation. Please be advised that an attorney – client relationship is not necessarily created by simply contacting us.

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