Trusting Your Soon-to-be-Ex

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Trusting Your Soon-to-be-Ex

  • By: Marketing Team
  • 14 April 2022

While in the midst of moving forward with divorce proceedings, both parties have a lot of valid concerns. However, not all divorces are created equal. Some are civil, amicable agreements to separate for the wellbeing of everyone concerned. Others are messy, complicated, and full of disagreements.

In all cases, it’s wise to have legal assistance from a reputable and knowledgeable family law attorney to help you navigate the divorce court system. However, if you are in the middle of a particularly ugly divorce, there are a few things you might be wondering in relation to trust—namely, whether you can trust your spouse to be honest about significant details of your marriage.

Equitable Distribution

In the worst-case scenario, your spouse proved themselves to have a track record of being untrustworthy. From infidelity to lying about finances to betraying your shared values on how to raise the children. As family law attorneys, we have seen it all. We know that bitter spouses in the middle of a divorce aren’t beyond lying, even under oath.

Fortunately, according to Michigan state law, it is not so easy to avoid disclosing important details. Michigan is an “equitable distribution” state, which means that the courts can choose to distribute assets in any way they feel is fair and reasonable.

Mandatory Disclosure

If you have been slighted by your partner in the past, you may expect them to start going behind your back and doing what they’ve always done: moving money to a hidden bank account, lying about earnings, and other illegal behaviors. If you and your partner share a business, or did at any point, this can complicate matters even further.

With the help of an attorney who has extensive experience in family law, you can prepare yourself for this potential betrayal and walk into the situation knowledgeable about your legal rights. If there is any suspicion that your partner may be engaging in dishonest and illegal practices, you and your divorce lawyer can demand that full disclosure be made via some of the following strategies: written interrogatories, a request for documents, a request for admission, a subpoena, or a deposition.

We are a team headed up by Beth Striegle, a long-time Grand Rapids divorce attorney. We understand if you are having difficulty trusting your soon-to-be-ex-spouse. In order to help guide you through the legal maze and help you to advocate for yourself, reach out for a free consultation.